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Asphalt Paving Contractor Cedar Park
Like many towns in Central Texas, Cedar Park began as a small agricultural community. Today, it is home to approximately 80,000 residents, several major shopping centers, and countless retailers, including national chains and small, family-run shops. When commercial and residential property owners need asphalt paving, parking lot maintenance, asphalt repairs, concrete paving, asphalt milling, concrete repairs, parking lot striping, asphalt overlays, concrete wheel stops, driveway paving, asphalt crack repairs, or sealcoating, they often rely on RDC Paving for courteous, professional service and exceptional workmanship.

What Is Cedar Park’s History?

When European settlers arrived during the 19th century, the area around Cedar Park was populated by various indigenous tribes, including the Comanche, Lipan Apache, and Tonkawa. However, humans have inhabited the area for at least 7,000 years. Although pioneers had been settling in the area for years, the foundation of the community now known as Cedar Park had its beginnings in the 1870s when Harriet and George Cluck purchased 329 acres for a ranch. In 1882, the railroad connecting Lampasas and Burnet with Austin was completed, and the community was renamed from Running Brushy to Bruggerhoff, which was the name of an official with the railroad. The name proved unpopular with residents, so it was changed to Cedar Park in 1887. Throughout the 20th century, the population expanded rather slowly; for example, the town had 117 residents in 1930, 129 in 1940, 302 in 1950, and 685 in 1960. The population barely broke into four digits in 1970, with 1,012 people claiming Cedar Park as their homes. Over the next decade, the population more than tripled. At the dawn of the 21st century, Cedar Park had more than 26,000 residents, and the population grew to almost 49,000 by 2010.

What Pavement Services Does RDC Offer in Cedar Park, Texas?

We currently offer all of the services shown below to customers in Cedar Park.

  • Asphalt Paving, Cedar Park, TX : An asphalt pavement is faster and less expensive to install than a comparable concrete pavement. Asphalt is also durable, but when repairs are needed, they are also fast and economical.
  • Asphalt Overlay, Cedar Park, TX : Many old or severely damaged pavements can be salvaged with an asphalt overlay. Overlays cost a fraction of what it would cost to rebuild the pavement, but few people will be able to tell the difference if the overlay is installed correctly.
  • Driveway Paving, Cedar Park, TX : Whether you want your driveway to make an architectural statement, or you simply want to access your garage, we can provide you with exceptional paving services.
  • Asphalt Repair, Cedar Park, TX : Asphalt repairs typically include any procedure to correct a pavement deficiency that cannot be resolved with a crack repair.
  • Asphalt Milling, Cedar Park, TX : We can use a milling machine to grind away a few millimeters of asphalt pavement, remove all layers of the pavement, or correct rough transitions and some grading or drainage issues.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating, Cedar Park, TX : Sealcoating is an extremely effective and highly economical routine maintenance procedure to protect asphalt pavements from damage. Sealcoating also offers several cosmetic benefits.
  • Asphalt Crack Repair, Cedar Park, TX : Cracks in asphalt pavement pose serious threats to the integrity of the entire structure of the pavement. Ideally, cracks should be repaired as soon as they develop.
  • Parking Lot Striping, Cedar Park, TX : Curb appeal, customer satisfaction, legal regulations, and safety are just a few of the reasons to maintain your parking lot markings.
  • Parking Lot Maintenance, Cedar Park, TX : A good maintenance program for your parking lot should encompass preventive and restorative procedures. These procedures typically include the repair or replacement of wheel stops and signs, periodic sweepings and cleanings, asphalt sealcoating, crack and pothole repairs, and fresh striping as needed.
  • Concrete Curbs, Cedar Park, TX : Wheel stops are valuable guides for drivers positioning their vehicles in a parking space. They can also discourage unsafe driving practices.
  • Concrete Paving and Repair, Cedar Park, TX : We have the expertise and equipment to install concrete paving correctly. We can also repair damaged concrete.

Let RDC Paving Help With Your Asphalt Paving Needs in Cedar Park, TX

If you need any of the above services, contact us to discuss your pavement-related needs. We have a superb reputation for integrity, customer service, craftsmanship, and professionalism. We offer free quotes, so submit the online form to request yours today. If you would rather call us, we can be reached at 512-920-9155.