Asphalt & Concrete Paving

Before we begin your project, we like to get to know your business and develop an in-depth understanding of your goals.

Commercial Paving

RDC Paving has worked with scores of small, medium and large businesses throughout the Austin area. We specialize in commercial paving.

Residential Paving

Your driveway is the very first thing that gets noticed on your property. Paving has an immediate impact on the overall landscaping and value of your home.

Welcome to RDC Paving

We’re a fully licensed local paving company which specializes in quality asphalt and concrete paving installations and repairs throughout the Greater Austin, Texas area: Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville and Leander.

If you need paving repair or installation in your property, we take pride in being asphalt paving contractors you can trust. As our reviews show, we’re well known and respected throughout Greater Austin for the quality of our work — everything from small scale residential concrete repairs or basic sealcoating, right up to huge commercial asphalt parking lots or industrial grade concrete loading bays.

Why Work with RDC Paving?

That’s a good question! After all, there’s any number of small general pavers you can easily find through Yelp doing work in and around the City of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Leander, Kyle, Hutto, White Plains and even down in San Antonio or Dallas, Texas. Why go with a larger and more established company like RDC Paving?

Well, we think there are three good reasons to choose RDC Paving, whatever your concrete or asphalt paving need.

1. We Aren’t Generalist Contractors

When you’re needing Austin paving & sealing or concrete work done, generally you have three options: doing it yourself, going with a generalist contractor or working with a specialist.

Unless you or your workers have years of paving and construction experience under your belt, doing it yourself (or paying someone else with limited skills to do it for you) will result in a poorer paving product.

Badly poured concrete will crack faster, or its slabs will shift. Improperly prepared and applied asphalt is going to degrade quickly, especially in the harsh weather conditions you find throughout the Greater Austin area.

RDC Paving are concrete contractors and asphalt paving specialists. We’re not just using that as a cool word to make us appear fancy! We mean that we have invested years in training our crew and the entirety of our company resources into cutting edge paving equipment and materials.

The end result for you isn’t just a better concrete or asphalt paving product. RDC Paving is delivered quickly, efficiently and at a fair price.

2. We Understand Local Conditions

There’s one thing that weather conditions in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville and Leander all have in common. They’re harsh natural environments. Hot weather in the Summer combined with frequent high volume precipitation create a perfect storm for concrete and asphalt paving.

If you’re in the Greater Austin area, unless your paving is done to highly exacting standards, it simply won’t last.

RDC Paving is a local concrete and asphalt company, which means we don’t just understand paving. We also understand how paving should be done in Texas. And we’re here to tell you, that’s a specific and difficult to acquire skill set!

Our concrete and asphalt paving is built specifically to withstand the elemental onslaught of Texas weather.

Everything from our basic asphalt and concrete chemistry, right through to our application methods, equipment and installation time frames are geared toward ensuring your paving is installed properly.

This means it won’t just look great five days from now. If you maintain it right, our paving will look fantastic five years from now. Working with RDC Paving is the best way to protect your paving investment.

3. RDC Paving Makes the Whole Process Simple

Whether you’re a residential customer or a business owner in Austin or the surrounding areas, the one thing you’re likely to be looking for is a simple solution to your paving needs.

We get it. A lot of new construction work has a bad reputation for being complicated. It’s hard to figure out exactly what construction service you need, and even when you decide, you’re often staring down the barrel of a complex and disruptive construction schedule.

No wonder so many people procrastinate when it comes to major home or commercial upgrades.

RDC Paving have built our business around offering a simple, straightforward and high-quality service. We’ll give you clear, straight information on your paving options and what it’ll cost. We’ll agree on a time we’ll start and a time we’ll finish your concrete or asphalt work — and we’ll stick to it. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you know and understand every step of the process.

4. Getting Started with RDC Paving is Fast and Easy

First, look through our concrete and asphalt paving gallery. We offer a wide range of options and you can take a detailed look at each, comparing each finish to identify what you like most.

Then, just give us a call or send us a quick note. One of our paving experts will be in touch by phone to have a conversation about what you need and if you’d like to go forward, we can send a construction coordinator to visit the construction site and provide a free site appraisal.

If you’re happy with the plan RDC Paving comes up with, we’ll agree on paperwork and complete the paving job as planned!

Our goal at RDC Paving is to take the pain points out of the paving installation or repair process. We take pride in communicating openly and clearly about all your paving options and we feel this is a crucial step in making sure our customers are 100% satisfied.

5. Our Services and Where We Work

First, here’s where we operate. We’re equipped to offer paving services throughout the entirety of the Greater Austin, Texas area. This includes Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville, Leander, Hutto, New Braunfels, Killeen, Belton and Temple.

Our services include:

  • ✓ Asphalt Paving

  • ✓ Asphalt Repair

  • ✓ Driveway Paving

  • ✓ Asphalt Sealcoating

  • ✓ Concrete Paving

  • ✓ Parking Lot Paving, Repair, and Striping

Whatever paving material or configuration you’re after, we can guarantee that it’ll look great, be fit for its purpose and durable enough to offer years of hassle-free use. Here’s a quick overview of each of our services.

Asphalt Paving

Getting new asphalt right is tricky anywhere. There’s a lot to know about the chemistry and composition and asphalt, not to mention the finer points of applying it professionally. But asphalt paving throughout Texas can be doubly challenging.

You can’t just lay asphalt down haphazardly and expect it to seal right and maintain durability. RDC Paving asphalt is designed to be:

Highly resistant to crumbling, cracks and potholes – Common asphalt problems throughout the Greater Austin area

Heavy impact resistant – This is particularly important for commercial paving applications, which frequently are required to withstand heavy vehicle traffic and equipment abrasion.

Correctly constituted- Not all asphalt is created equal. Our asphalt (blacktop) is formulated to resist extremes of climate. We’re also highly experienced in correct grading technique to ensure asphalt paved surface permit efficient surface water run-off.

Professionally installed- We don’t work with day-laborers and never will. Each and every member of your on-site paving team will be a paving specialist.

Asphalt Overlay

At RDC Paving, our team members have decades of industry experience, a commitment to helping every customer get the best value for their money, and the skills needed to deliver work that is of the highest quality. If you have a tired, worn-out pavement in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville, Round Rock, or San Marcos, an asphalt overlay might be a cost-effective way to add years to the life of your pavement.

Asphalt Repair

RDC Paving are also equipped to provide a wide range of asphalt repairs. We don’t just provide a surface patch job, either.

Our crew will assess your paving problem to identify the underlying cause. Roots may be invading the asphalt substrate layer. Tiny cracks may be permitting rain to seep through the asphalt to the material below. Heavy vehicle traffic may be inflicting wear along vulnerable points in your paving.

Whatever the cause, we’ll address this problem before turning our attention to restoring the appearance of your asphalt paving.

You may not immediately notice the difference, but six months from now, a patch job by a poorly trained generalist paving contractor will already be deteriorating. Our asphalt repair services, including crack sealing and parking lot repairs, will still be going strong.

Parking Lot Striping

We bring years of experience with parking lot striping services in and around the Greater Austin TX area. Our dedicated commercial parking lot striping company can provide first-time striping on freshly poured asphalt, re-striping or modify existing striping to be clearer and more visible.

Stenciling or curbing are both options we can provide for any asphalt surface. Our work is detailed, meets ADA compliance (handicap stalls), carefully applied and compatible with signage conventions including fire lanes used in and around Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville and Leander.

Commercial customers, if your patrons are confused about your parking spaces or other pavement markings, this is not a great first impression and is a bad look for your business! We can provide quick, low-hassle and flexible line striping options to minimize your business downtime and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Asphalt Crack Repair

At RDC Paving, we have many years of experience in the paving industry, and we have witnessed for ourselves that immense damage that can result if cracks in asphalt pavements are left exposed to the elements. If you want to avoid the premature deterioration of your asphalt pavement, costly repairs, and safety risks, you should call for an asphalt crack repair as soon as you notice that a break has developed.



Driveway Paving

RDC Paving are equipped to provide beautiful concrete or asphalt driveways with tons of curb appeal at a highly competitive rate.

All our asphalt and concrete driveways are designed to be as safe as they are attractive. Wherever you are in Austin, TX, there’s a good chance you’ll get hit with the occasional downpour. Having a high traction driveway surface is a crucial aspect of a homeowner’s or customer’s safety and security in the property.

Whether you’re looking for concrete or asphalt services, all our driveways are resistant to erosion or traffic-caused damage, including potholes, cracks, fissures, slab drifting and crumbling.

Constructed quickly and efficiently to an agreed cost, schedule, and built to last in the harsh conditions you find in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville and Leander.

Parking Lot Maintenance

The parking lot of a commercial property is usually the first thing a potential customer will see. If it looks bad, your business looks bad.

RDC Paving are experts when it comes to parking lot installation, repair and speed bumps. Our large team, our cutting edge paving equipment and our flexibility mean we’re able to construct your parking lot in a fraction of the time it’ll take a smaller company.

Furthermore, we can work flexibly around your schedule, working in phases to ensure your commercial property remains accessible and open for business at all times.

This means a lot less physical disruption for you and your customers. It also means you’ll be reaping the rewards of a professional parking area outside your place of business or apartment complex that much faster.


Asphalt Sealcoating

Provided your existing asphalt isn’t too greatly damaged, asphalt sealcoating can be a simple and cost effective solution for faded or shabby-looking asphalt paving.

Not only will a fresh layer of asphalt sealcoat improve your paving’s appearance, it’ll also add years to the operational life of your asphalt areas. It’s one of the best ways you can protect your paving investment.

We also offer a range of additional smaller asphalt maintenance services, such as crack repair, patching, resurfacing, pothole repair, milling and overlays. If you need any kind of basic paving maintenance done, we’ll be delighted to help.

All our parking lot maintenance work is built around an accurate and comprehensive cost-estimate and delivery schedule, as well as based on a detailed site-assessment, including a careful scrutiny of the underlying layer of paving.

Concrete Paving and Repair

Sure, concrete is a highly durable and cost-efficient construction material, but you might be surprised to learn that with the right knowhow, concrete can actually be really great to look at. RDC Paving has the materials and skills to mold concrete into an aesthetically pleasing finish, We can also stamp and stain your concrete paving to bring a distinctive and harmonious finish.

Concrete is your ideal construction material for driveways, walkways, garage floors and parking lots. It’s durable, beautiful and easy to maintain.



Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops don’t just help keep your parking lot organized and orderly, they’re also an important way to give your customers an added level of vehicle safety.

The safety benefits are twofold. With concrete wheel stops in your parking lot, your customers are more likely to park both within the lines and far enough forward to prevent their vehicle from being clipped from behind. Moreover, curbs are the best way to prevent drivers from cross-cutting parking lanes.


Contact RDC Paving

So, now you know more about RDC Paving and what we do!

We’re a trusted Central Texas company with years of experience in asphalt & concrete paving. We employ a dedicated team of paving professionals with decades of collective experience.

RDC Paving is the type of business that takes pride in our work. We care about delivering a top quality product, as well as quality work, to each and every one of our customers, from small residential paving and repair jobs right up to large commercial paving projects, including parking lots and warehouse floors.

We’re also friendly! We take customer service seriously, so call today phone or request a free quote, we’ll be sure you’re helped out by a friendly and courteous paving specialist who knows asphalt and concrete paving like the back of their hand.


If you live in Austin, Texas or Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville, Leander or even Bastrop and you’re looking for a reliable concrete and asphalt paving company, you’ve come to the right place!




  • RDC is the best!

    thumb Brandi Sheridan
  • RDC did a great job on our new asphalt lot in Austin. Ryan was very responsive before, during and after the project. We will include RDC on future RFPs.

    thumb Frank Reynolds
  • Our experience with RDC Paving was excellent, from beginning to end. We had a dirt driveway that we wanted resurfaced and, because asphalt is usually less expensive than concrete, asked for an estimate for asphalt. Brittany Rowland, the estimator, took the measurements and, on her own initiative, because the driveway size made concrete a viable option, provided us with detailed estimates for both asphalt and concrete. We chose concrete. Brittany was open and responsive to our questions and concerns; scheduling went smoothly and communication was excellent. The project manager and crew were punctual, explained what they would do, and did everything they promised, including clean up; they are hard workers who take great pride in their work. The driveway looks great! We would recommend RDC Paving without reservation.

    thumb Lillian Mayers
  • We've known Cody for awhile now and he always delivers from customer service, to repairs, to new projects, etc. Him and his team are dependable and we plan to use RDC for all future projects. We can't recommend this company enough.

    thumb Emily Mayfield
  • I reached out to RDC to repave and stripe an asphalt parking lot. Ryan was responsive and professional. After visiting the site to talk about the job and get measurements, he put together a very reasonable quote for me. Because of his demeanor and professionalism, I had no concerns about the quality of work RDC would provide - and they did not disappoint. The parking lot turned out great. They were responsible, fast, efficient and communicated with me every step of the way. I highly recommend RDC Paving.

    thumb Mark Lynch
  • We had the best experience with RDC paving. They were fast to come out to go over the project in detail and answer any questions we had. Ryan was able to get us on their schedule quickly and his crew showed up on time. They were courteous and really took the time to get the job done right. After completion the concrete supervisor went over the work with us and then Ryan (the owner) checked in with us that evening to make sure we happy with the finished product. I have nothing but great things to say and highly recommend RDC paving for your asphalt or concrete needs.

    thumb Benjamin Ray