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Your parking lot is a valuable asset that can help you attract more customers, the best employees, or the best tenants. However, even an extremely well-constructed parking lot cannot provide its maximum benefits without great parking lot striping and pavement markings.

What Are the Benefits of Great Parking Lot Striping?

Depending on the purpose of your parking lot, crisp stripes and markings can provide a number of benefits.
  1. You can offer parking spaces for more vehicles. In an unmarked lot, drivers are more likely to park too far away from nearby vehicles. They may also park in no-parking zones, and they will likely park at whatever angle strikes their fancy. This means that cars could be taking up twice as much space as they need. If you provide them with guidance in the form of line striping and pavement markings, most drivers will comply.
  2. Stripes and markings help improve the curb appeal of your property. People who drive by your business will likely form an impression about your attention to detail that is partially based on the aesthetics of your parking lot. A well-kept parking lot can be perceived as a sign that you care about the comfort and convenience of your patrons.
  3. Your parking lot must comply with local fire codes, federal accessibility laws, and other regulations. You will need the correct pavement markings and striping to achieve compliance.
  4. If someone suffers a bodily injury or vehicle damage, your lack of parking lot striping could mean that you end up on the losing side of a lawsuit. This is especially true if your lot was not ADA-compliant at the time that a disabled person suffered an injury.

How Often Does a Parking Lot Need Its Pavement Markings and Stripes Repainted?

The average interval is around two years. However, the best way to determine whether it is time to repaint your parking lot is to take a good look at it.
  1. If the paint is peeling, cracking, or blistering, repaint.
  2. If the visibility of the paint has been reduced by more than 25%, repaint.
  3. If you plan to sealcoat your parking lot, plan to repaint immediately after.
  4. If a specific marking or stripe has been damaged or obscured because a vehicle leaked oil on it, or a crack repair or patch encroached on it, it may be possible to touch it up quickly and economically.
  5. If you need to change your parking angle, relocate your accessible parking spaces, or make other alterations to your layout, you will need to repaint.
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