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Concrete repair servicesConcrete as a paving material provides that perfect combination of tough and versatile. It’s the perfect material for any commercial or residential paving installation, especially if you’re looking for that perfectly polished finish.

RDC Paving are concrete paving specialists in in Austin, TX. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to deliver top quality concrete paving installations, for residential and commercial applications.

Why Choose Concrete?

Concrete represents a greatmiddle of the road option for cost. Sure, it’s not the cheapest paving option you’ll find, but it’s vastly more cost effective than brick paving or other complicated paving builds, such as brick or cobblestone.

It’s also incredibly tough stuff. It’s resilient enough to withstand years of hard outdoor wear, even in the tough climate you’ll find in and around Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville and Leander.

Taken care of properly and maintained on a regular basis, concrete paving can stay sound and viable for foot and vehicle traffic for decades.

Why Choose RDC Paving For Your Next Concrete Paving Project?

We’ll Build Your Concrete To Last

While concrete as a building material is extremely strong, you’ll only get the most from it if it’s professionally formulated, poured and finished.

Getting all that right doesn’t happen overnight. It requires some serious skill and experience. We bring those abilities to each and every project we undertake.

We don’t just aim to deliver a concrete paving installation which looks great straight after we finish the project. Our Austin Concrete Paving Repair Contractor goal is to leave you with a concrete paving product which will last for decades, even in the harsh weather conditions you find throughout the Greater Austin, TX area.

We Care About the Details

Concrete is a highly durable and cost-efficient construction material, but you may be surprised to learn that with the right application methods and finishing techniques, concrete can actually be really great to look at.

RDC Paving has the materials and skills to mold concrete into an aesthetically pleasing finish, We can also stamp and stain your concrete paving to bring a distinctive and harmonious finish.

Concrete Repair Work

Our Austin concrete paving repair contractor can also help you with any concrete repair needs.

A lot of our customers start by trying their own repair work and rapidly realize they’re out of their depth. And perhaps counter-intuitively, repairing concrete yourself can often end up being more expensive than having an expert in to do it for you. Why? Well, the materials alone are expensive when you don’t purchase in bulk.

We’re experts in concrete and have seen every repair job you can imagine. Whether your concrete has cracks, potholes, drifting slabs or a slick and unsafe walking surface, we’re able to address the underlying concrete issue — quickly, professionally and sustainably.

Let RDC Paving Help With Your Concrete Repair Needs in Austin, TX

Why install or repair concrete yourself or through a small general contractor when a local paving specialist can get the job done for you quickly and professionally?

RDC Paving Pros are concrete paving specialists and we work throughout the whole Greater Austin area, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos, Pflugerville and Leander included.

Contact RDC Paving today for your Concrete Repair needs in Hutto, Austin at 512-920-9155.