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concrete driveways Austin TXWhen deciding on the best paving material for a driveway, most homeowners narrow their choices to asphalt and concrete. Either material can be used to construct an attractive, durable driveway, but the relatively mild winters and hot summers that are typical in Central Texas tend to give concrete driveways an edge.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Driveways?

  1. One of the major benefits of concrete is its longevity. It is not uncommon for a concrete driveway to have a useful life of more than 30 years, and some driveways have lasted for twice that long.
  2. Practically no routine maintenance is required; an occasional sweeping or hosing, the removal of oil or other fluids that vehicles have leaked, and the sealing of any cracks that might develop are about all you may ever need to do.
  3. Your contractor can add patterns or colors that make your driveway unique and enhance your home’s curb appeal. A concrete driveway is less expensive than one constructed with brick, pavers, or cobblestone, but your contractor can likely mimic those patterns in concrete if you prefer the look of a different material.

What Are the Drawbacks of Concrete Driveways?

  1. Concrete can be cracked or forced out of position by invasive tree roots, so you will need to exercise caution when planning your landscaping. Plant trees with extensive horizontal root systems well away from your driveway. You should also consider the height and canopy of the tree at maturity. The best thing to do is consult a local arborist to help you select a variety and planting location.
  2. A concrete driveway will cost more to install than a comparably sized asphalt or gravel driveway. However, concrete typically has a much longer life, requires fewer repairs, and needs less maintenance, so the lifetime costs may actually be lower for concrete.
  3. It takes longer for concrete to cure sufficiently to support vehicle traffic than for asphalt, so you will not be able to use your driveway as quickly. Depending on the thickness of the slab and other factors, you can usually walk on your driveway within 48 hours, but most professionals recommend waiting a minimum of seven days before driving or parking on it.
  4. It can sometimes take longer to construct a concrete driveway than an asphalt one. An experienced professional can often finish a simple installation in two or three days, but it could take as long as seven days if there are site-specific issues that make the installation more complex.

Let RDC Paving Help With Your Concrete Driveways Needs in Austin, TX

RDC Paving has the expertise to handle all of your pavement-related needs. Our concrete services include the construction of concrete parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and ramps as well as concrete repairs. Our asphalt services include asphalt paving, sealcoating, asphalt driveways, crack repairs, asphalt overlays, and asphalt repairs. We also offer parking lot striping, concrete curbing, and parking lot maintenance. We serve commercial, residential, and industrial clients in many Central Texas towns, including Round Rock, Austin, Killeen, San Marcos, and Pflugerville. Our employees are exceptionally skilled, experienced professionals who share our commitment to exemplary craftsmanship. To request a free quote, you can submit our online form, or you can call 512-920-9155 to discuss your Concrete Driveways services in Hutto, Austin.

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