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Concrete Curbs Services in Austin

Concrete wheel stops don’t just help keep your parking lot organized and orderly, they’re also an important way to give your customers an added level of vehicle safety.
The safety benefits are twofold. With concrete wheel stops in your parking lot, your customers are more likely to park both within the lines and far enough forward to prevent their vehicle from being clipped from behind. Moreover, concrete curbs are the best way to prevent drivers from cross-cutting parking lanes.
All this adds up to a more orderly parking lot for you, and a safer experience for motorists visiting your premises.

The RDC Paving Difference in Austin, TX

Which begs the question. Why choose a big, specialist company like RDC Paving over a generalist contractor? What can we do that the smaller construction companies can’t?

We Know How to Work With Concrete in Austin, TX

Concrete curbs have to take a beating. More than any other element of your parking lot, curbs need to withstand the constant collision force of car tires. To get the maximum operational life from your curbs, they’ll need to be adequately reinforced and professionally installed deep into your parking lot surface.

RDC Paving can guarantee your wheel stops that’ll last. We use premium concrete materials, have experienced staff who know how to pour concrete under a wide range of conditions, and we quality assure our installation to ensure the best possible durability.

We Offer More Options in Austin, TX

How your parking lot is configured is going to have a significant impact on the kinds of curb you’ll need.
A standard curb — typically around seven feet in length and at an optimal height for standard residential cars — will be ideal in most instances. However, you may need longer and more heavy-duty curb options with a higher profile for large and commercial vehicle areas. Furthermore, the pedestrian safety of your parking lot can be improved if you opt for lower profile curbs near walkways.
We can set your parking lot with a combination of concrete wheel stops that are ideal for your unique requirements.

We’ll Minimize Disruption to Your Business

The last thing you want is an inaccessible parking area. The longer your parking lot is undergoing construction upgrades, the higher the likelihood this will affect your bottom line.
We understand the importance of keeping access disruption to a bare minimum. Our team will work in phases, and work with you to find construction times that don’t coincide with your peak business hours.
And because we’re a dedicated concrete business, we can put a big team on your job so that the work gets done quickly and efficiently.

Let RDC Paving Help With Your Concrete Curbs Needs in Austin, TX

If you’re ready to add a layer of safety and organization to your commercial parking lot, we’ll be delighted to help. RDC Paving Pros is a long-established business with an impeccable reputation for delivering long-lasting and attractive concrete and asphalt installations.