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Asphalt Repair Guide: Part 2

Rutting Rutting occurs when depressions begin to develop in areas of the asphalt where the wheels of vehicles tend to exert their weight (aka the wheelpath). You can often see rutting develop on highly trafficked roads or even on driveways from the wear and tear of studded snow tires. Rutting… Read More
Festivals in Austin

Five Appealing Events to Enjoy in Austin, Texas

5 Appealing Events to Enjoy in Austin, TX If you are looking for a city that never has any down time between major events, then look no further than Austin, TX. Regardless of your tastes, this city is guaranteed to have something you will find appealing. From racing, to food… Read More
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Asphalt Repair Guide: Part 1

Asphalt Repair Overview There are several reasons why asphalt is a fantastic choice for a wide variety of paving jobs. It’s durable, easy to install, environmentally friendly, and not to mention the fact that it’s one of the most inexpensive paving materials on the market. A properly installed asphalt paving… Read More
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Here’s What No One Tells You About Austin, TX

Here's What No One Tells You About Austin, Texas For those of us who have moved out of state to a different city, there have inevitably been those moments when we said "no one told me about this!" Some things just cannot be found out until you move there and… Read More
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Concrete Paving 101

Concrete Paving Overview Concrete has long been a popular surface covering for paving installations of all kinds, from major highways to residential driveways and everything in between. With over 20 billion tons of concrete being put to use every year, it's safe to say that this classic building material has… Read More

Sports Teams in Austin, Texas

Sports Teams in Austin, TX Unlike its sister Texan cities of Dallas and Houston, Austin has no professional or major league sports teams. However, that does not mean the city’s residents do not like their sports. In fact, just about every major sport has a team in Austin. Whether you… Read More

Asphalt Paving Installation Services in Austin, Texas

Asphalt Paving Installation: Quality Matters When it comes to installing asphalt paving, quality is of the utmost importance. If the job has been done right, the blacktop will be level, smooth, and neat. A shoddy job, on the other hand, will be evidenced by rough, uneven, and generally unattractive pavement.… Read More

Asphalt Paving Advantages Services in Austin, Texas

Asphalt Paving Overview Also known as "blacktop", this beloved surface covering is a frequent choice for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications from parking lots and driveways, to interstate highways and airport runways. Asphalt is one of the most popular paving materials on the planet and this is… Read More